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After 1st Oil Crisis (1973)

Nuclear Energy: A Critical Analysis. 3rd Internal Report IF-UFRGS (1975) 36 p. Reproduced as Chapter 4 in: Nuclear Energy and Society, A.S. Machado ed., RJ: Paz e Terra (1980) pp 135-180.
Nuclear Energy: A Brief Critical Analysis. Ciência e Cultura 29 (8) (1977).
Retrospective and Conclusions” IN Debates on the the Energy Question: Problems and Alternatives. Ed. Legislative Assembly, RS (1977) pp 243-248; Bulletin of the Brazilian Physics Society, no 4, year 9 (1978) pp 3-8.

More recent

Project “Optical Metrology of Materials and Selective Films for Interior Energy Efficiency”, CT-Energy Program /CNPq 551175/01-0 (2002-2005).
In collaboration with Solar Energy, Refrigeration and Vapor (LAFRIG) Laboratories, Dept. Mechanical Engineering – UFRGS
MCT/SEBRAE/FINEP Project, “Nanomaterials and Photo-thermal Composites for Solar Collectors: Innovation with Energy Integration” (2006-2009).

Project partner companies:

Hábilis Arquitetura, NovaSolar, Intercâmbio Eletro-Mecânico.