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School of Nursing of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS

The School of Nursing of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul comes with an enactment of Law n.1254 of April 04 of 1950 that creates School of Nursing of Porto Alegre and starts its activities in December 04 of 1950. It is the oldest School of Nursing in Southern of Brazil. Actually develops Graduated Teaches and Postgraduate, Researches and Extension activities, and so, edit and publish the Revista Gaúcha de Enfermagem.



Bachelor of Nursing: Graduates with a bachelor’s in Nurse Professional to act in human health looking the promotion of life’s health and maintenance the integrity of being, in interaction with individuals, families, groups and the community in states of health and disease.

Bachelor of Policy Analysis and Health SystemsGraduates with a bachelor’s in Public Health, Sanitary, in Brazil, and may act in several areas of health, where knowledge about collective, institutional and organizational action in health are present.

Nursing Degree: Enables the nurse for Elementary and Second Education in activities related to nursing and health programs, as well as courses in training of practical nurses.



Stricto Sensu - Postgraduate Program

The Postgraduate Program in Nursing of UFRGS offers the Academic Master Course, since 1998 and the Doctoral Course from 2006.

Objective: Offer the student and environment to build a strong base of knowledge in Nursing and Health; consolidate the development consolidate the development of scientific methodology, produce and disseminate advanced knowledge in these areas. 

Doctor's Profile

Highly qualified professionals, with habilitation and research experience to work in human training resources in higher education and production of relevant regional national and international knowledge levels.

Master’s Profile

Qualified professionals, habilitated with experience in research, training them to act in higher education.


Concentration Areas of Research

Theses and dissertations of postgraduate are in two areas of concentration and their respective research areas.

Concentration Area: Politics and Health Practices - Research Lines: Politics, evaluation and health care and nursing; Management in health care and nursing, and work organization; Promotion, education and health surveillance and nursing.

Concentration Area: Nursing and Health Care - Research Lines: Nursing care in women's health, child, adolescent and family; Care technologies in health and nursing.


Lato Sensu - Postgraduate Courses

The School offers many Postgraduate courses which are they: Pediatric Nursing, Nursing Management Services, Urgent and Emergency Nursing Adult and Pediatric, Mental Health Nursing, Occupational Health Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Nephrology Nursing and Nursing in Intensive Care.

Objective: To qualify the graduate at the college level in exercise of care activities, meeting social needs, expanding and complementing the knowledge skills and attitudes necessary for the domain of functions defined in the profile of the professional.




The School edits and publishes, since 1976, the Revista Gaúcha de Enfermagem to promotion a scientific production in Nursing areas and related. It’s Quarterly and is indexed in national and international database: International Nursing Index;  Index Medicus Latino-Americano, Medline e LILACS; LAPTOC (; LatIndex (; SCOPUS; CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature); CUIDEN (; BIREME (; SeCS

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