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Distance Education (EAD) at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) is an effective and transforming method in the educational scenario, as it improves internalization and increases the number of courses offered in both undergraduate and graduate levels. Its scope includes both on-site and on-line learning methodologies. The use of e-learning tools is of increased interest, creating Virtual Environments of Learning that support contemporary education techniques that fit the current momentum and profile of new generations.

Together, the Virtual Environments of Learning (AVAs) NAVi, ROODA and Institutional MOODLE of UFRGS have enhanced the academic experience of more than 70 thousands students, with 362 graduate activities, 2.473 undergraduate activities and 102 extension projects.

Among the many  distance undergraduate courses offered by UFRGS since 2006 some highlighted ones include Pedagogy, Music, Visual Arts, Languages (English), Biological Sciences and Mathematics, Administration, and Planning and Management to Rural Development. Several graduate specialization courses in diverse fields are also offered.

UFRGS’s commitment to offering distance courses is a clear example of the country’s development, honoring today’s demands and social realities. This form of accommodation allows training and education to professionals that wouldn’t have had access to higher education otherwise, because of conflicting and demanding work schedules, or because of the distance between educational institutions and living in remote areas.

The Distance Education Program at UFRGS, which is coordinated by the Distance Education Secretary (SEAD), has contributed in extending the range of higher education programs to remote communities, providing quality education to active professionals who maintain active in their work places.

The use of advanced technology and resources combined with innovative teaching methods enables our students to uncover the potential of distance learning. This integration of practices offers students from different regions the advantage of exchanging experiences within a perspective of network learning.

Distance Education has become a priority that unifies the many educational institutions at UFRGS as it is established through an intensive program of training in development of research, constant improvement of technology, and the collaboration of teachers, monitors, technicians and students.

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