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Frontiers of Thought Project

The main goal of the Fronteiras do Pensamento Project is to offer an opportunity to discuss and challenge global issues with the exchange of perspectives. These different points of view offer a variety of solutions to political and social questions relevant to todays society. Though technology is advancing rapidly, many conflicts are still to be addressed, such as a growing religious fundamentalism, and urban development issues. The project works to come up with creative solutions for environmental preservation and architectural infrastructure to improve quality of living.


UFRGS, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, has been a partner of the Project since 2007 and promotes participation in its activities. In 2012, the Fronteiras do Pensamento Project will have its 6th anniversary at the Salao de Atos. This is important for UFRGS not only for its visibility and public support, but also for its effort to transform society. The Project also provides an educational module, Fronteiras da Educaçao, to facilitate dialog among students and teachers, aiming at the democratization of knowledge. With these activities, Porto Alegre has become a site of great international debates. The Fronteiras do Pensamento Project is a fundamental part of the Universitys agenda, offering an environment of questions, reflections, and discussion.

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