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The University Outreach program acts directly for the dissemination and production of cultural activities. This program functions to create a space for expression, and for the enjoyment of different cultural objects. The University utilizes cultural equipment to provide rich learning spaces for different activities, allowing the participation of students, teachers, and the whole community to contribute to the construction of an arena for public debate.

This is how the area of Culture in the University Outreach program promotes communication between the University and the community, offering a source of dialogue in the fields of movies, music, theater and visual arts. Cultural activities, in addition to technical and scientific reflections, are produced to enrich the university experience for students. These interactions are moments in which intellectual, aesthetic and affective experiences are shared, strengthening social ties amongst people in the whole community.

By utilizing formal, experimental, and even non-formal aspects of education, the learning process is broadened by a more holistic approach to expanding knowledge about culture. The main goal of this individual and collective process is not the result, but rather the practice of broadening perspectives and awareness.

Beyond culture, the University Outreach program at UFRGS promotes an intensive educational, social and inclusive activity, with programs composed with the diversity of different communities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. These activities aim to facilitate participation amongst social movements, the preservation of traditions in communities, education of ethnic-racial relations, and the training of public school teachers. There are more than a thousand extension activities in all fields of knowledge involving students, teachers, staff and volunteers who are active participants in the community.

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