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One of the biggest distinctions of the highly qualified training of human resources at UFRGS is the emphasis on research, and the knowledge derived from it. The communication between state of the art knowledge and research activities gives undergraduate and graduate classes the opportunity to consciously educate a citizen of its social, environmental and ethical responsibility. Such characteristics accredit students from UFRGS to change the world around them and establish an increasingly better and equitable society focused on collective well being.

Being ahead of its time is one of the responsibilities of a well recognized university, such as UFRGS. In order to meet this need, the institution must provide incentives for creativity, the structure of scientific discipline, and additionally, must encourage an open and flexible mind in order to understand the evolution of knowledge and its impact on life. These are the prerogatives that maintain the development of research at UFRGS.

UFRGS has more than 700 registered groups working with basic or applied research from many different fields. In total, approximately 14 thousand people are involved in scientific and technologic research activities, including undergraduate and graduate students, laboratory technicians, professors and visitors.

Technological development and innovation are very important aspects in the construction of knowledge. With that in mind, the research development at UFRGS is oriented to translating this knowledge into application. It is mainly through this research and application that the University has long maintained an important interaction with society. This continues to broaden with the activities of the UFRGS Scientific and Technological Park.

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