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General Data

First Schools 1895
Universidade de Porto Alegre 1934
Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul 1947
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul 1950
Territorial Area 22.704.212 m²
Porto Alegre 6.246.661 m²
Eldorado do Sul 15.566.000 m²
Tramandaí 151.713 m²
Other Units 739.838 m²
Built-up Area 400.874 m2



Undergraduate Programs

Attendance Courses 94
Online Learning Courses  (Offered in 2010) 2
Admission Spots (Vestibular) 4.285
Admission Spots (SISU) 1.664
Number of Applicants (Vestibular) 38.751


Graduate Programs

Masters Programs 77
Doctorate Programs 73
CAPES' Evaluation - Grade 7 13 (14,60%)
CAPES' Evaluation - Grade 6 19 (21,34%)
CAPES' Evaluation - Grade 5 28 (31,46%)
CAPES' Evaluation - Grade 4 18 (20,22%)
CAPES' Evaluation - Grade 3 11 (12,36%)
Professionalizing Graduate Education - Master Programs 10
Graduate Specialization Programs (Sensu lato) 147 (89 in development; 58 completed in 2016)


Primary and Secondary Education

Colégio de Aplicação 466


Enrolled Students


Undergraduate Programs

Total number of students: 33.244
Attendance Courses 32.793
Online Learning Courses (Offered in 2014) 451
Scholarship holders (PRAE) 1.727
Teaching Assistants (TAs) 1.523
Distance Tutors (Online Learning)


Graduate Programs

Doctorate 5.982
Masters 5.791
Professionalizing Graduate Education - Masters Programs 428
Specialization 4.411
Special Students 2.515
Medicine/Veterinary/ Multiprofessional/ Medical Physics Residency 676
Scholarship holders (Masters/Doctorate) 1.453

Primary and Secondary Education

Total number of students: 426

Granted Academic Degrees

Bachelor's and Teaching Degrees

Total number of students: 3.074
Attendance Courses 3.074
Online Learning Courses 0

Graduate Degrees

Total number of students: 2.395
Doctoral Degrees 932
Master's Degrees 1.392
Professional Master's Degree 126

Units, Offices and Resources


Campuses 5 (Centro, Saúde, Olímpico, Vale, Litoral Norte)
Teaching Units 27 (13 institutos, 10 faculdades e 4 escolas)
Offices & Resources
University Printing House
Central Warehouse
Economy Studies and Research Center
Management Studies and Research Center
Agricultural Experiments Station
Veterinary Clinical Hospital
Center for Social Research in Dentistry
Ecology Center
Center for Coastal, Marine and Limnological Studies
Supplementary Resources
Central Library
Data Processing Center
Educational Broadcasting Center
National Supercomputing Center
Theater and Movie Theater
University Publishing House
Latin American Institute for Advanced Studies
Electron Microscopy
Intitute of Historical and Cultural Heritage (IpaHC)

Clinical Hospital of Porto Alegre



Ensino Superior 2.791
Permanent Teachers 2.720
Temporary Teachers 71
Primary and Secondary Education 114
Doctoral Degree holders 2.521 (89,4%)
Master's Degree holders 217 (7,7%)
Working exclusively of UFRGS 2.453 (86,8%)
Womans 1.313 (46,5%)
Men 1.507 (53,4%)



Total number of employees: 2.669
Doctoral Degree holders 95
Master's Degree holders 379
Graduate Specialization Degree holders 630
Bachelor's or Teaching Degree holders 689
Secondary Education 879
Men 1.345 (50,4%)
Women 1.268 (49,6%)
Outsourcing workers 1.955



Research Groups 873
Researchers 6.029
Ongoing Projects > 5000
Laboratories 1104

INCTs - Institutos Nacionais de Ciência e Tecnologia (National Science and Technology Institutes)
Cryosphere INCT
INCT for Excitotoxicity  and Neuroprotection
Medical Populational Genetics INCT
Translational Medicine INCT
Women's Health and Hormones INCT
INCT for HEalth Technologies Evaluation (IATES - Avaliação de Tecnologias em Saúde)
Interdisciplinary Centers
State Center for Research in Remote Sensing
RS Biotechnology Center – CBIOT
Interdisciplinary Center for Studies and Research in Agrobusiness (CEPAN - Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos e Pesquisar em Agronegócios)
Interdisciplinary Center for New Technologies in Education (CINTED - Centro Interdisciplinar de Novas Tecnologias na Educação)
Interdisciplinary Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Center for International Government Studies (CEGOV - Centro de Estudos Internacionais sobre Governo)
Scientific Production
Journal publications indexed on Web of Science 2117
Journal publications indexed on Web of Science with Qualis A1 754
Quotations Journal publications indexed on Web of Science 1370
Quotations Journal publications indexed on Web of Science with Qualis A1 714
Presentations at international events (Data collected from SABi in 07/21/2011) 812

Community Outreach

Extension Actions 1.669
Students in the Scholarship Program 600

Social Projects
Knowledge and Connections - dialogues between the university and the communities 7.192 participants in 329 events
Anti-racism Education Program in Schools 3.085 participants in 82 events

Cultural Activities
Cultural Projects 17.360 visitors in 44 events
University Movie Theater 13.778 visitors in 427 sessions
Museum 13.552 visitors in 110 events
Planetarium 30.922 visitors in 474 sessions


Libraries 33
Library Collections 747.651 titles
LUME's Holdings (Digital Repository) 167.264 titles

Computer Laboratories

Computer Laboratories 133

Student Assistance

3 Students Residence Halls 545 residents
6 University Restaurants 7.693 daily meals
Students in the Scholarship Program 1.727

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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

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