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Engineering School

The Engineering School is one of the largest and most traditional academic units at UFRGS. Created in 1896, it has played a key role in the creation of several industries as well as other engineering courses in Rio Grande do Sul, having hosted more than 14 thousands graduated engineers over these years.

Undergraduate Programs


The Engineering School currently offers 13 undergraduate programs, covering the most relevant engineering disciplines (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Mines, Metallurgy, Materials, Industrial, Control and Automation, Environmental, Physics, Energy) with around 5000 undergraduate students enrolled. Every year around 800 students are accepted to start their engineering degrees at the university in a very competitive and selective entrance examination process, of which more than 5000 candidates – around 7 candidates per available position – participate.

Graduate programs

6 Graduate Programs are offered (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Mines/Metallurgy/Materials, Chemical), which award both Masters (2 years) and PhD degrees (3 to 4 years). These graduate programs are also ranked among the top in Brazil, according to the evaluation process carried out by the CAPES agency of the Brazilian Ministry of Education. These graduate programs have several collaborations with foreign universities, including double PhD agreements with universities in France, Germany, Portugal and USA.


Our faculty staff includes more than 200 members, most of them working full time and holding PhDs awarded by top universities from 16 different countries, which has helped to establish a very active network with institutions around the world and ensuring an international benchmarking of our activities.

Being a research-driven institution, the Engineering School has several research groups. Those research groups are not only recognized by their high level scientific outcomes, but also for their extensive collaboration with several important industries. The region of Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, also considered the capital of Mercosul – the South American Common Market / Economic Community, includes several important industries, including the automobile, siderurgical, petrochemical, manufacturing, electro-electronic equipments and food industries.


Mission statement and vision:

Aiming at educating engineers with a global mentality, the Engineering School has increased its actions towards internationalization, including mobility programs for both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as double degree programs, and the development of cooperative research on innovative projects. We strongly believe that this international collaboration allows an important oxygenation and an active participation in the scientific scenario worldwide.




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