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Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture at UFRGS was founded in 1952. Although its date of foundation may seem recent in comparison to European institutions, it is one of the oldest faculties of architecture in Brazil. Our Faculty of Architecture was the first created in the Southern Region of Brazil and has been the major reference in architectural teaching in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, as well as one of the leading colleges in Brazil. Currently, there are more than 900 undergraduate and graduate students, and 112 faculty members.


The Faculty of Architecture is located in the central campus, just outside the city center of Porto Alegre, the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul.


The infrastructure in the Faculty of Architecture consists of a five-story modernist building with 5,700 m² of built area, inaugurated in 1958 by the President of Brazil at the time, Juscelino Kubitchek. The building offers 24-hour security, comfortable lecture halls with modern multimedia equipments of projection and micro-computing for expositive and interactive classes, with direct access to the internet, teaching labs, research labs, models lab, lecture theatre, and a specialized library.

Undergraduate Programs

The Faculty of Architecture offers one five-year program (10 semesters) in Architecture and Urban Planning, as well as two four-and-a-half-year programs (9 semesters) leading to degrees in Product Design and Visual Design. The academic year starts in early March, and ends in early December, after more than 200 class days in the year, divided into two semesters, with a three-week winter break in July.

Created in 1952, the program in Architecture and Urban Planning ranks among the best in the country, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Education and independent assessment exercises. Currently, there are 590 students in the program, and an additional 100 new students gain admission to the program every year. On average, there are 15 students per teacher, to ensure that every student has his/her work closely supervised.

The programs in Product Design and Visual Design were recently implemented, created in 2005. There are about 120 students in the program and 60 new students are admitted per year, in two semesters. The Product Design program qualifies professionals to work in object design, urban and domestic furniture, automobiles, as well as machines and motors. The Visual Design program qualifies professionals to work on the development of products related to visual communication of concepts, ideas, and to structure and give shape to information, including printed, digital or audiovisual products.



Graduate Programs

The Faculty of Architecture is home to two graduate programs which offer studies leading to the degrees of Masters (equivalent to the British M.Phil) and Doctorate (equivalent to the British Ph.D). The programs are among the earliest in the field in Brazil.

  • The Post-Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning (PROPUR), founded in 1970, is one of the earliest in the area in Brazil. The main lines of research are the following:
    - City, culture and political aspects
    - Planning and the urban and regional space
    - Urban configurational systems
    - Perception and analysis of urban space
    - Infrastructure and urban and environmental planning
  • The Post-Graduate Programme in Architecture (PROPAR), was founded in 1979. The main lines of research are the following:
    - Brazilian architecture and disciplinary culture
    - Theoretical and methodological foundations of architecture
    - Principles and paradigms in architectural design
    - Architectural typologies and urban morphology
    - Comfort and its implications in building and urbanization
    - Applications of mathematical models and computer programs in the analysis of architectural and urban configuration.
  • The Faculty of Architecture also offers a Post-Graduate Program in DESIGN leading to a Masters degree, jointly with the School of Engineering, with an emphasis in Design & Technology.

The requirements for the Masters degree are 24 credits from taught courses and the realization of a dissertation. The prescribed time for completion of the Masters course is 24 months. The requirements for the Doctoral degree are 36 credits from taught courses and the realization of a doctoral thesis. The prescribed time for completion of the Doctoral course is 48 months. Full time students receive scholarships from Brazilian funding agencies.



International relations

There are a number of formal cooperation agreements with renowned institutions from Latin and North America, as well as Europe, which allow several of our students to undertake part of their programs of study abroad in universities. In return, we frequently host foreign students with the same academic purposes.



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