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Faculty of Dental Sciences

History and Structure

Founded on October 10th, 1898, the Faculty of Dental Sciences began its activities in a basement of Liceu, linked to the Medicine career, where today the Sevigné School is located.

Due to the lack of participation in the Dental Career in Rio Grande do Sul, the program was closed in 1922, but was reopened in 1932, as a result of the incentive of Dr. Belizário Pena, Minister of Education.

In 1952, the Faculty of Dental Sciences was included as an autonomous establishment of UFRGS, because of the Act 30.943.

The Faculty of Dental Sciences has its own library since 1961. Over the years, the library has sought to continue with informational advances in the area through the improvement of services provided to its users, seeking to offer the most modern resources in specialized information in Dentistry and related areas.

Undergradute Programs

UFRGS offers 2 options in Undergraduate Programs: one daytime and one nocturne. The former is a 10-semester program and the latter is comprised of 16 semesters. Students are encouraged to get involved with additional activities to improve their knowledge.

Graduate Programs

UFRGS offers 3 Graduate Programs in Dentistry:

  1. Graduate Specialist Training;
  2. Master of Science Program;
  3. Doctorate Program (PhD)

Specialist Training:

  • Pedodontics;
  • Operative Dentistry;
  • Endodontics;
  • Periodontics;
  • Dental Prosthesis;
  • Oral Radiology;
  • Orthodontics


  • Teacher/Researcher Formation Core Curriculum: Research Ethics, Basic Biostatistics Applied to Dentistry, Didactic Seminar, Scientific Methodology, Epidemiology, Theory and Practice of Higher Education, Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis, Advanced Biostatistics.


  • Teacher/Researcher Formation Core Curriculum: Advanced Literature Seminar, Advanced Biostatistics, Epidemiology.

Extension and Research

Extension programs:

  • Functional Occlusion – Centric Relation – Occlusal Adjustment;
  • Urgency in Pediatric Dentistry;
  • Interdisciplinary Dental Clinic;
  • Health maintenance in Interdisciplinary Clinic;
  • Dental Care to special needs patients Ceo/Facodonto/UFRGS;
  • Interdisciplinary Action in Health Education;
  • ‘Baby-Clinic’ of UFRGS Faculty of Dentistry;


    Research Areas:

    • Diagnosis of Oro-Facial Disorders;
    • Oral Cancer;
    • Biomaterials and Therapeutic Techniques in Dentistry;
    • Epidemiology, Etiopathogenesis and Repercussion of Oral Cavity and Annex Structures Diseases.







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