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Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education (FACED) is one of the most important centers for education in Brazil. Founded in 1970, its origin dates back to 1936 when the University of Porto Alegre began to train teachers. In 1972 the Masters program was formed, and the doctorate program was formed in 1975. Today, the School of Education has 115 faculty members and a team of 47 administration staff to provide support for the community of about 500 undergraduate students (primary teacher education), 400 distance students (primary teacher education), 540 graduate students (master and doctorate) and more than 3,000 teacher assistants (pedagogical program). In addition to the undergraduate and graduate programs, the Faculty of Education offers a wide field of teaching activities, like specialization programs, continuous formation for teachers and directors of schools and pedagogical training of new university members. The research program, with 21 registered research groups, covers a wide field of educational research. The Faculty of Education maintains international contacts and exchange programs with universities in the United States, Europe, Latin-American and Africa.


The School of Education has an adequate infrastructure to realize the proposed teaching and research programs. Its 10-story building includes 30 lecture rooms, 4 computer labs, 2 lecture theatres, 4 research labs, 39 teacher offices, and a specialized library.

Undergraduate Programs

The Faculty of Education has two undergraduate programs: a teacher training program for early childhood education and primary school, and a distance learning program for teachers who are already working. The solid foundation provided by the Faculty of Education offers broad career prospects to our students who regularly occupy the first places on the selection process for public and private school teachers.


Graduate Programs

The Graduate Program of the Faculty of Education (PPGEDU) is among the six best programs in Brazil and consists of 80 faculty members working with over 500 master and doctorate students.

The Graduate Program is structured in 16 research fields:

  1. Education: Art, language and technology
  2. Ethics, alterity and language in Education
  3. Informatics in Education
  4. Psychopedagogy, Teaching-learning systems and health education
  5. The subject of education: knowledge, language and context
  6. Distance learning
  7. Education, cultures, memories, collective actions and the state
  8. Studies about childhood
  9. Politics and Administration of educational processes
  10. Special education and processes of inclusion
  11. Work, social movements and education
  12. University: theory and practice
  13. Education, sexuality and gender relations
  14. Cultural studies in Education
  15. Philosophy of difference and Education
  16. Personality, culture, psychoanalysis and Education

Faculty members also participate in other Graduate Programs of the University, like the Graduate Program in Informatics & Education. This program fosters research on the development of modern educational methods and is a center of reference in distance learning.

Research Groups

Research in the educational field, with the participation of undergraduate and graduate students, plays a central role among several of the activities undertaken within the Faculty of Education. Our research groups carry out investigations on core areas of educational research which occupy a central role in Brazilian Research in this specific area. The members of the groups are active both in research and in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in their areas. In addition to the research activities, the groups also involve extension work, and most of them are linked to the research lines of the Graduate Program.

Currently, we have the following research groups:

  1. CUIDADO – Group of studies about education and management of Caretaking
  2. DIF – Nucleus of Philosophy of Difference and Education
  3. EDUCASAÚDE – Nucleus for Education, evaluation and pedagogical production in Health
  4. ENCINA – Nucleus for research in mathematical and science education
  5. GEARTE – Research group about Education and Arts
  6. GEECC – Research group in Education and science as culture
  7. GEERGE – Research group in Education and gender relation
  8. GEIN – Research group in early child education
  9. GJOVEM – Research groups about juvenile identities in contemporary cultural territories
  10. MNEMOSINE – Nucleus of studies and research in history, memory and Education
  11. NECCSO – Nucleus of studies about curriculum, culture and society
  12. NED – Nucleus of digital education
  13. NEEGE – Nucleus of studies about Genetic Epistemology and Education
  14. NEJA – Nucleus of teaching, research, and extension in Education for adolescents and adults
  15. NEMES – Nucleus of studies about mass media, education and subjectivity
  16. NEPEEI – Nucleus of teaching, research, and extension in primary schooling
  17. NEPIE – Nucleus in studies about politics for inclusion in school
  18. NUPEEEVS – Nucleus of teaching, research, and extension in education, exclusion and social violence
  19. NUTED – Nucleus of digital technology applied to education
  20. POLGESTED – Nucleus of studies about politics and management of education
  21. TRAMSE – Nucleus of studies, experiences and research in work, social movements and education




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