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Faculty of Law


The Faculty of Law was founded on February 17th, 1900 and was designated as the Liberal Law School of Porto Alegre. UFRGS Faculty of Law has celebrated its first century in activity. Jubilee dates are some of the most important moments to rethink the identity of the institutions and project its future. The first Law School in Rio Grande do Sul – the seventh in Brazil –has broadly influenced judicial reflection and public life in Rio Grande do Sul, and in Brazil.

Classes were initially taught in the gymnasium building located on the corner of Duque de Caxias and Bragança Streets, but in 1910, the Faculty was transferred to the current neoclassical building on João Pessoa Avenue (replica of the “Palais du Rhin”, in Strasburg.)

In addition to teaching activities, both in graduate and undergraduate programs and research, the Faculty of Law has developed broad extension programs, focused towards the community. Moreover, the Faculty of Law has strengthened its tradition and responsibility in order to become a public place for open and participative debates and discussions. Supporting a pluralism and democracy, major issues, international, and national problems, are always faced on behalf of freedom, equality, solidarity, and supreme values.

The Faculty of Law at UFRGS is broadly known as one of the oldest and most respected Law institutions in Brazil. Throughout its 110 years, it has been a site for important discussions on Brazilian and worldwide judicial topics. Former students have gone on to become acknowledged researchers, famous judicial consultants, and politicians – such as the ex-president Getúlio Vargas. Today, the school has 700 undergraduate students, several graduate programs, two libraries (Including an UN official Library), a student organization (Students Practice of Law for the Community,) and a continuum of research and extension programs.


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