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Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

The Faculty of Veterinary Sciences is comprised of several disciplines that serve the community and many institutions.


Laboratory Animals

Wild Animals





Rural Extension

Large Ruminants



Artificial Insemination

Meat Inspection

Milk Inspection

Laboratory of Veterinary Clinical Analysis

Laboratory of Molecular Biology



Avian Pathology

Small Animal

Small Ruminants







The Faculty of Veterinary, like other units at UFRGS, is structured departmentally: VET01 - Animal Medicine, VET02 - Preventive Veterinary Medicine, and VET03 - Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

VET01 – Department of Animal Medicine


VET01001 - Small Ruminants Medicine

VET01002 - Large Ruminants Medicine

VET01003 - Animal Medicine Vivarium and Small Breedings II

VET01120 - Veterinary Semiology

VET01122 – Avian Medicine

VET01123 – Swine Medicine

VET01124 - Animal Medicine Vivarium and Small Breedings

VET01231 – Equine Medicine

VET01324 – Surgical Technic

VET01325 - Medicine of Cats and Dogs

VET01326 – Breeding of Cats and Dogs

VET01327 - Wild Animals Medicine


VET02 - Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine


VET02224 – Preventive Veterinary Medicine02

VET02227 - Inspection and Techniques of Milk, Dairy Products, Eggs and Honey

VET02228 - Inspection and Techniques of meat, fish and derivatives

VET02229 - Veterinary of Public Health

VET02230 – Rural Extension

VET02233 - Ecology Applied to Veterinary

VET03 – Clinical Veterinary Pathology Department Courses

VET03001 - Introduction to Veterinary Medicine

VET03002 - Veterinary Toxicology

VET03003 - Ethics, Law and Marketing

VET03004 - Pathology I

VET03005 - Pathology II

VET03121 - Biochemistry and Clinics of Hematology

VET03223 - Veterinary Immunology

VET03225 – Clinical Microbiology

VET03226 - Parasitological Clinic

VET03321 - General Veterinary Pathology

VET03322 - Special Veterinary Pathology

VET03323 – Artificial Insemination


Masters and Doctorates

The Faculty of Veterinary has two Graduate programs, both with Masters and PhD. The Graduate Program in Veterinary Sciences, founded in 1969, is the second oldest in Brazil. In 2009, the Graduate course of Animal Medicine was created and it was the first program with Masters and PhD exclusively of Equine in Brazil.


Graduate Specialization course on Veterinary Analytical Clinic.


The Research Committee has the power to propose activities to the Council of the Unit. They also work to consult, monitor and evaluate the implementation of plans, programs and research projects developed in the Unit, as well as perform other duties. For information about the Ethics Committee on Animal Use, go to the Propesq website and, in the left menu, Commissions and Committees.


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