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Faculty of Library Sciences and Communication

The Faculty of Library Sciences and Communication offers six Bachelor’s Degree Programs: three undergraduate programs in the Information area (Archival Sciences, Library Studies, and Museum Studies) and the other three in the Mass Communication area (Journalism, Advertising and Marketing, and Public Relations). The Faculty also has Graduate Programs in Mass Communication and Information Management areas which award Master and Doctoral Degrees. Today, the Faculty of Library Sciences and Communication has 67 faculty members, 28 staff members and more than 1,300 students. In addition to educational activities, research and outreach projects are also developed.

Undergraduate Programs

Archival Studies

The Archival Studies program, which was created in 2000, aims to follow the process of technological evolution in the area, and to offer high quality education in organization and management of archive information in any media. The planning, implementation and operation of intermediate and permanent files, scanning techniques, electronic document management, technological application for the preservation and conservation such as microfilming and scanning in hybrid systems, and media and multimedia convergence are addressed.

Library Studies01

The Program is aimed at training librarians to interpret the information needs of users of libraries and library databases; to educate users of libraries and information centers in information literacy; to offer library services in cataloging, collection management and development, and readers' advisory.

Journalism/ Advertising and Marketing / Public Relations

The three programs in Mass Communication are aimed at equipping students with the skills they need to pursue a wide variety of different careers in these industries. The main objective of our undergraduate programs is to foster information management and dissemination, the development of a mature information culture and the awareness of ethical issues and professionalism.


Museum Studies (or Museology)

The Museum Studies Program aims to provide high-quality education for those in pursuit of a career in Museum education, curatorship, management, and development. The program offers training in contemporary theory and practice of museum work, with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary scope of the field, offering students the foundation in courses such as administration, conservation and curatorial work in art galleries and museums.


The Graduate Program in the Information and Mass Communication areas is composted of a Masters Program (which selects students annually) and a Doctoral Program (which selects students every two years). It has a concentration area – Communication and Information – and two research lines: Communication, Representations and Cultural Practices; Information, Technologies and Social Practices. Since 1996, 108 masters and 9 doctorate degrees have been administered.


The institution publishes two scientific journals: the printed magazine “Em questão,” and the on-line publication “Intexto.” The “Em Questão” magazine was first published in 2003, edited by Professor Valdir Morigi, and it replaced the Librarianship and Communication Magazine. This magazine has annual editions and can be requested at Faculty’s Sector Library. It is also on sale at the Faculty Office. The “Intexto” magazine, edited by Professor Miriam Rossini, is the online publication of the Graduate Program of Communication and Information. It was first published in 1997.




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