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Institute of Arts


This Institute was founded on April 22, 1908, originally under the name of "Institute of Fine Arts," (Fine Arts Institute) through the initiative of a group of intellectuals and artists led by Olinto de Oliveira. The Arts Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) today is one of the most prestigious and traditional Art schools in Brazil. For more than one hundred years, concrete actions and symbolic practices of artists and teachers linked to the Arts Institute have represented an essential part of the historical and cultural heritage of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. These activities aim to organize and promote the spread of artistic knowledge through teaching and research, and providing access to culture through Extension activities, contributing to the academic formation of new values in the artistic field, as well as the preservation of the memory and traditions of Rio Grande do Sul by encouraging students to carve new aesthetic paths.


The academic unit is currently formed by the Departments of Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts and Music, offering Programs in Music, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. It has over 100 teachers, 41 technicians and administrative staff members, as well as 813 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. The Arts Institute of the UFRGS maintains exchange and research agreements with renowned national and international universities.

The Graduation Programs of the Arts Institute of the UFRGS are among the best in the country. The Graduate Program in Music is the only program in the country in its area to have received grade 7 (the highest evaluation grade awarded) by CAPES (a governmental agency for Higher Education). The Graduate Program in Visual Arts received grade 5, the highest given to any course in this field in Brazil. In 2010, the Arts Institute is expanding with the creation of the Undergraduate Program in Art History.

The Arts Institute of this University is responsible for a wide extension program that consists of presenting the best artistic and academic production of teachers and students during the school year. These cultural activities, all with free admittance, usually occur within the Arts Institute: the Pinacoteca Barão de Santo Ângelo, the Auditorium Tasso Corrêa, the DAD Theater – Alziro Azevedo Hall, and the University Theater – Qorpo Santo Hall. Also noteworthy is the Artistic Collection owned by the Arts Institute, the largest public collection of art in Rio Grande do Sul. It was initiated in 1908 and maintains over 600 pieces by the leading Gaucho artists (people from the state of Rio Grande do Sul) of the last one hundred years.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Visual Arts
  • Art History
  • Music
  • Theater

Graduate Courses

  • PerformingArts
  • Music
  • Visual Arts – Visual poetics (artists research) and Theoretical, Critic and History of Visual Arts


The Research Committee of the Institute of Arts – COMPESQ – aims to coordinate research activity within the Academic Unit in order to stimulate, record, analyze and disseminate research. It emits opinions on the merit of the administrative and technical viability of plans, projects, and research programs within the Institute of Arts. It also organizes information, procedures and possibilities of funding plans, projects and research by public and private national and international institutions. The COMPESQ is composed of one teacher from each department, a graduate student representative, whose activities consist of scientific research initiation, or of graduation studies in Visual Arts, Music and Theater, as well as an administrative technician.






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