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Institute of Biosciences

In 1970 the Institute of Biosciences was created through a meeting of the chairs of the Basic Sciences, including the Courses of Medicine, Pharmacy, Odontology, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Physical Education, as well as the chairs of the former Institute of Natural Sciences, including the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Linguistics.

In 1996 the Institute of Biosciences division was approved. It was then divided into two parts: the Institute of Biosciences with departments related to Biology, and the Institute of Basic Health Sciences, which was linked to the medical field. However, the separation was mainly due to location, the biological departments being located on Campus do Vale, and the health departments being located on the Medical Campus.

The Institute of Biosciences currently consists of the six following departments: Biophysics, Botany, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Ecology, Genetics and Zoology, in addition to the Sectorial Library, the Ecology Center and the Center for Coastal Studies, limnology and marine biology, which constitute the auxiliary branches.

Ouvir Ler foneticamente The Institute offers undergraduate courses in Biological Sciences, and a Bachelor's degree with emphases on "Environmental" and "Molecular and Cellular Function.” The Institute of Biosciences also has four Graduate level courses, offering Master’s and Ph.D degrees in Botany, Ecology, Genetics and Molecular Biology and Animal Biology.

The Unit is located in an area of 15,000 m2, in the Campus do Vale at UFRGS in Porto Alegre. There is also a Center for Coastal Studies, limnology and marine science in Imbé (City) / Rio Grande do Sul, with 1810 m2 of work area.

The Biosciences Institute’s goal mission is to focus on the development of education, research and extension activities with the participation of its professors, students and staff in the area of Life Sciences, along with the integration of other fields of knowledge.

Undergraduate programs

Biological Sciences

The course is divided into licensee and bachelor degrees with environmental and molecular emphases. The course trains and enables the Biologist professional (Law 6684 of 09.03.1979) with technical skills to become a registered board member of the region - CRBio3 (RS, SC, PR). The fields of expertise include professor, entrepreneur, and employee with knowledge of application of biological sciences within their field of specialty.


The Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology at UFRGS was created in 2009, first admitting students in 2010. With a strong emphasis on Molecular and Cellular Biology, Bioprocesses and Biotechnologies, the professional trained in Biotechnology at UFRGS will occupy a space between various professions, acting as integrator among areas such as Physics, Informatics and Life Sciences.

Working Fields

Academics Graduated from the Biotechnology Course will have job opportunities in new areas such as genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, bioinformatics, transgenic microorganisms, plants and animals, identification and analysis of genetically modified organisms, or derivatives, DNA analysis for genetic studies, taxonomy, forensic and analytical studies, synthesis and application of new biodegradable polymers and biological origin, production of other biomaterials, biofuels and bioremediation of water, soil, industrial effluents and others.

Graduate Programs

  • Graduate Program in Animal Biology
  • Graduate Program in Botanic
  • Graduate Program in Ecology
  • Graduate Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology



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