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Institute of Food Sciences and Technology


In December 29th 1958, the Institute of Food Sciences and Technology – ICTA was instituted by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul’s Academic Council, and it became the first institute of Food Science research in Brazil. The ICTA is installed in a building that occupies an area of 2,830m², and it is formed by the Food Science and Food Technology Departments, which include undergraduate courses from the following fields: Food Engineering, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Agronomy, Chemistry Engineering, Chemistry and Biomedicine.

Since 1999, the Institute and the MEC (Education Ministry) have been adapting the infrastructure in order to host the Food Engineering course, which is located in ICTA. Since 2000, ICTA has been offering the Food Science and Technology specialization course, now in its fifth edition, to the community.


In addition to its research and teaching functions, ICTA also offers community services to industries and to other private and public institutions while adhering to its principles. These technical services include the analysis of food, juice and its derivates, drinking and supply water. Other services are also offered, such as industrial projects through the SEBRAE (Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Firms) agreement, processes evaluation, and general technical support to the food industry, which are regularly developed by the Institute. Regarding entrepreneurship, ICTA has hosted ITACA in its premises, a Business Incubator in Food and Agribusiness Chain, which functions to develop innovative and sustainable business plans in the agricultural market, through the use of academic, technological, and managerial knowledge.In November 2004, the Master’s Degree program of Food Science and Technology was approved by CAPES and in March 2005, its graduate activities began. Traditionally, ICTA has concentrated its activities in applied knowledge, processes, storage and distribution, as well as technology improvement, and in upgrading and standardizing food production quality control methods.














ICTA is responsible for offering the Food Engineering course, and its Departments are also responsible for offering undergraduate subjects to several other courses from our University (Pharmacy, Agronomy, Chemistry Engineering, Chemistry, Nutrition and Biomedicine).



Since 2005, the ICTA offers a Food Science and Technology Master’s Degree.


The research in ICTA is coordinated by the Research Commission – COMPESQ – and is structured by two main research lines: Food Quality and Food Bioprocesses. It develops food alternative projects, supercritical fluid extraction, packaging, and technological innovations of processing, product management, and product quality and control.


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