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The department of Geography operates with 6 lines of research: (Environmental Processes and geomorphologic mapping, Climatology, Environmental Change and Glacial Processes; Desertification processes; Hydrology Geography; Coastal Management and Planning), Urban Studies (Participatory Processes for Management of Urban Space: Urban Territoriality; Dynamic Space); Agrarian Studies (Policy Planning Structuring: Occupation and colonization of RS), Regional Policy (Reform of State and Territorial Restructuring Trends: Scenarios in present-day Rio Grande do Sul; The Socio-Economic Integration and Geographical Scales), Education, Remote Sensing and Geoprocessing. Geology Mineralogy and Petrology Paleontology and Stratography Geodesy The Department of Geodesy has the primary objective of the dissemination, creation and diffusion of knowledge of Geodesy, Topography, Cartography, Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing. The Department of Geodesy offers undergraduate courses in Architecture, Agronomy, Cartographic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Geography and Geology. The Department conducts research that is beneficial to both undergraduate and graduate level students. Utilizing scientific expertise to serve society enables a greater integration of the University with the community. These actions help to develop a relationship between the autonomous public university and the society that sustains it.



Laboratory for Isotope Geology

The Laboratory for Isotope Geology at the Institute of Geosciences of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), UFRGS-LGI, develops basic and applied research in the fields of geosciences, focused on the studies of isotopes and their application in:

1. Evolution of the Earth's mantle and crust;

3. Stratigraphy and Tectonics of sedimentary basins with emphasis on oil and gas deposits;2. Metalogy of deposits of metals and nonmetals;

4. Environmental Geology
















Laboratory Sample Preparation

Laboratory X-Ray Diffraction


Museum of Mineralogy

Museum of Topography










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