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Physical Education School


ESEF is the oldest Physical Education School in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, established in 1940, and has been offering the Undergraduate Course in Physical Education since 1941. In 1970, ESEF became part of UFRGS. In 2004, the college began to offer a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education. ESEF’s library, named Edgar Sperb, has a specialized collection in the following subjects: physical education, physiotherapy, dance, sports sciences and human movement, and they serve to provide necessary information for Teaching, Research and Extension in ESEF.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Physical Education

The Bachelor of Physical Education program aims to train professionals to be qualified in the area of Physical Education. The objective is focused on the advancement of education, and enhancement of opportunities for people to adopt a physically active and healthy lifestyle. The Physical Education Bachelors degree is capable of serving in the fields of prevention, promotion, protection and rehabilitation of health, education and reeducation of motor skills, physical performance, sports, leisure, management of projects related to physical activities, recreation and sports, and other fields which promote the practice of these activities in different environments.

Physical Education Licentiate

The new curriculum's Degree in Physical Education was formed in the first half of 2005 and aims at training physical education teachers to work in the formal school system, which includes early childhood education, elementary school and high school.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy Program at UFRGS is centered on the active subject of the training process and aims to educate physiotherapist students to be responsible for integral attention to health needs. Students are trained to focus on kinetic functions of individuals and communities, including socially determined, biological, psychological, social and cultural dimensions. The professionals trained in the course develop skills in healthcare, teaching, management and performance in emerging fields of health promotion and disease prevention, as well as epidemiological fields, demanded on both the regional and national markets.

Degree in Dance

The Degree Course in Dance proposed by the school of Physical Education aims to form professionals in the area of Dance, redefining concepts and practices in Educational, Cultural and Artistic relations, as well as valuing the art in the context of formal and non-formal education and in entertainment. It aims to qualify professionals by expanding their theoretical and practical knowledge. There is also a special focus on the reflection and discussion of art and literature, and their production.

Graduate Programs


  • to train professors and independent researchers in their areas of interest, with emphasis on a particular subject, and to equip them with the skills to act in the planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching, extension and research;
  • to articulate the training of researchers in undergraduate teaching and guidance of scientific initiation students, offering opportunities to socialize and deepen the knowledge produced in the research activity.

The Graduate Program in Human Movement Science offers scholarships, from the funding agencies CAPES and CNPq, for selected Masters and PhD students engaged in full-time programs



  • to encourage and support a group of professors, administrative staff and students in the Academic Unit, to develop research in Physical Education;
  • to support approved research activities and foster the innovation of new studies in promising subfields and/or interdisciplinary research;
  • to disseminate the scientific production of the School of Physical Education, and to develop a cooperative relationship that strengthens the community, both within the University and external groups.

Currently, the following research groups are active:



• Nupe


• Group Interistitucional Olympic Sports


• Grecco





• Groups Motor Interventions



• Locomotion

• Nehmi




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