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Donation Day marked by celebrations and book launch

Event is organized by the Department of Historical Heritage
Donation Day marked by celebrations and book launch

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In December 2016, UFRGS’ Rescue Project  of Historical and Cultural Heritage held the 17th Donation Day, an event which promotes the annual fundraising campaign for the restoration and conservation of the University’s historical buildings.

Donation Day highlights both the success achieved with the fundraising for the restoration of the Sao Pedro Chapel –located at Agronomic Experimental Station in Eldorado do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul – and the progress of the restoration of the former Chemistry Institute Building – located at Campus Central. According to Dóris Demingos, from the Department of Historical Heritage, there is a new restoration project that aims to grant universal accessibility to people who visit UFRGS’ Radio Station Building waiting for the approval from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.

UFRGS President Rui Vicente Oppermann said that that the Department of Heritage is vital to the organization of the institution’s memories and to the preservation of its buildings as places of hospitality and respect for the public.  “Our priority is the restoration of these buildings for daily use, for them to be meeting points for a broad and a contribution to the awareness of urban issues,” he noted.


During the event, the book Cháteau, by Diego Devicenzi and Renata Toniolli, was launched.  It is intended to be the first of a collection of publications about “Preservation of UFRGS Building Heritage” that aims to promote the historical and technical research about the restoration projects carried out by the Department of Heritage. Devicenzi believes that the book, published by UFRGS’ Publishing House, may be of interest to readers other than of architects, engineers and historians.

The Project

Implemented in 1999 to promote the restoration of UFRGS’ buildings, the Rescue Project  of Historical and Cultural Heritage, which is coordinated by the Department of Historical Heritage of the Infrastructure Division (SUINFRA), is regulated by the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture. Also known as Rouanet Law, it allows Brazilian companies and citizens to donate part of their income taxes to cultural projects (companies may donate up to 4% and individuals may donate up to 6%).

Translated by translation students enrolled in the course Versão do Inglês II – 2017.1, under the supervision and revision of Professor Elizamari Becker.

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