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Ranking Web places UFRGS in a prominent position

University is listed as the 4th Brazilian and the 7th Latin American institution in Internet provided content
Ranking Web places UFRGS in a prominent position

LUME – UFRGS’ Digital Repository – appears as the second best in Latin America. Photo: Rochele Zandavalli/UFRGS.

A further edition of the Webometrics University (, which assesses the relationship between activity/presence and visibility/impact of the content made available on the Internet by universities around the world, has recently been released. UFRGS was named 4th among Brazilian institutions, 7th in Latin America and 357th in the world.

The Cybermetrics Lab, which extracts the data and ranks universities, is related to the Humanities and Social Sciences Center, in Spain.  It has developed quantitative analysis methods and has been producing indices globally that allow for measuring the scientific activity on the Internet. The quality of the contents made available is measured through a sort of virtual referendum that counts how much the universities’ domains are mentioned by third-parties. The practice of pointing to the available production in the universities’ websites is a form of acknowledgment of the institutional prestige, of the information’s value and of the utility of the services presented by these institutions; and it involves millions of Web editors worldwide.

On the other hand, the presence, the opening and the excellence of the launched material are the criteria employed to measure the activity. Therefore, the amount of hosted pages under the university’s main domain (address), the university’s efforts to make research available through its own digital repositories, and the index of citation of a considerable part of studies in their respective scientific fields are calculated.

Repositories – Webometrics ranks institutional digital repositories. LUME, UFRGS’ repository, ranked 2nd best of Brazil and Latin America (bellow only USP’s Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations) and 42nd in the world. The Web of World repositories Ranking specifically evaluates worldwide access to educational and research platforms that host digital collections. It is intended to assess the productions visibility and to praise free-access initiatives to scientific and academic publications.

LUME contains about 28 thousand theses and dissertations defended at UFRGS, besides more than 16 thousand of final undergraduate papers and 5 thousand final graduate papers. There are also available more than 15 essays; hundreds of books and chapters of books, interviews, patents, and over 28 thousands of papers presented in academic events, among other publications. Gradually, new publications have been added, such as the University Radio’s files and other educational resources, an updating that has been contributing to enhance LUME’s visibility both nationally and internationally.

Translated by Ana Cristina Nachtigall, Camila W. Heck, Luísa C. do Espírito Santo, and Paloma Petry, under the supervision and revision of Professor Elizamari Becker.

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