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Strategic Studies Seminar integrates University, Armed Forces and civil society

Activities were held at the School of Economic Science, at the Engineering School and at the Southern Military Command Center
Strategic Studies Seminar integrates University, Armed Forces and civil society

National issues and the defense agenda were the center of discussion - Image: Gustavo Diehl/UFRGS

The Strategic Studies Seminar took place at UFRGS, in June, conducted under unified thematic axes, “National issues and the defense calendar”, and combined to the 2nd Strategic Studies Seminar of the South Military Command Center, to the 4th International Strategic Studies Brazilian Seminar and to the 5th Union Houses Seminar.

The objective of the event was to promote the integration of academic knowledge, of the Defense industry and of the Armed Forces in the development of the defense mentality, seeking the socioeconomic Brazilian development and Brazil’s further insertion in the international scenario. As it was emphasized by the PhD student and organizing committee member Larlecianne Piccolli, the event integrates the academy, the Armed Forces and the civil society, and, “in conflicted times as the ones we live,  nationwide and internationally, the dialog among these agents is essential for the construction of a democratic and sovereign State”.

According to School of Economic Science professor Paulo Visentini, seminar academic coordinator, this is a non-expiration date agenda and that should bring benefits to the three parties involved. “This event is the maturation of a relatively new relationship, but one that has been moving forward in the same speed as problems have. We have to move forward solidly in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge, because the scenario we live in Brazil and in the world is urging,” he stresses.

The State Secretary for Science and Technology Evandro Fontana also accentuated the importance of the discussions concerning the defense agenda: “Discussing Brazil, our future, important strategies for our country is essential at this moment, in an election year, in a year when political and ideological disputes have reached hostility features, as well as a very critical situation of hate dissemination”.

The Southern Military Commander, General Geraldo Antonio Miotto, seized the occasion to celebrate the several joint actions that have been made between the Armed Forces and universities, especially UFRGS and UFSM, in the teaching, research and outreach areas. “We can do a lot for this country. We must believe in Brazil above all,”  he said.

“This is a moment in which we celebrate a virtuous circle for our society,” said UFRGS’ President Rui Vicente Oppermann, highlighting the importance of the triple helix union – society, academy and Armed Forces – in the building of knowledge and the necessary technology for the development of the country. “I am very optimistic about the building of these partnerships. We wish this partnership to have a long life,” he added.

The program schedule of the Strategic Studies Seminar can be checked in the event website.

Translated by Thierry de Lima Torres, under the supervision and translation revision of Professor Elizamari R. Becker (PhD) – UFRGS/IL.

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