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UFRGS increases the number of master’s and PhD programs

Graduate Programs cover a wide range of disciplines and was evaluated as the best among Brazilian Universities
UFRGS increases the number of master’s and PhD programs

The academic master's program in Food, Nutrition and Health is among the new courses - Photo: Gustavo Diehl / UFRGS

New UFRGS master's and doctoral programs will be available in 2017 and 2018 in different areas of knowledge. Civil Engineering - construction and infrastructure (master’s and doctorate), Museology and Heritage (academic master's), Food, Nutrition and Health (academic master's), and Education in Mathematics (academic master's) are the new graduate programs. In addition to these, the University has added other 11 master's and doctoral programs since 2014, encompassing areas as wide as Health, Biology, Psychoanalysis, Performing Arts, Public Policies, Social Services, Accounting and Management Control Systems, and Food of Animal Origin.

Academic Excellence - According to the annual evaluation carried out by INEP/MEC (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira), released on March 8, 2017, UFRGS’ graduate programs have been ranked number one among Brazilian federal universities, obtaining the highest score for its master's programs (4.88 of 5) and the highest score for its doctoral programs (4.94 of 5). Executive Vice President for Graduate Studies Celso Loureiro Chaves remarked that UFRGS has 73 doctoral programs, while the Universities that obtained an average score of 5.0 for their doctoral programs are institutions with far fewer programs.

Loureiro Chaves also pointed out that UFRGS has 32 PPGs (Graduate Programs) which have been assessed as “excellent” by CAPES, of which 19 PPGs are rated 6 and 16 are rated 7, which is the highest possible score. In CAPES annual Prize of Theses, UFRGS has also excelled. In the last three years, the University was awarded 19 prizes and honorable mentions.

Translated by Amábile Deretti, Carol Cheik, Felipe H. de Moura, Júlia Machado da Silva and Mathew Grechi, Tatiana Frantz, under the supervision and revision of Professor Elizamari Becker.

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