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UFRGS remains the best federal university in Brazil according to the General Index of Programs

The UFRGS’ Continuous GIP (General Index of Programs) indicated a 4.28 score out of a maximum of 5. The State University of Campinas has the best national performance, scoring 4.37

The annual assessment of the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research “Anísio Teixeira” (Inep/MEC) was released on March 8th. Based on the 2015 data collection, the General Index of Programs calculated a score of 4.28 to UFRGS, which places the southern university as the best among the federal universities and the second best in Brazil, only behind the University of Campinas, which scored 4.37. The ranking positions have not changed since the last assessment. Among the other best ranked universities are the Federal Universities of Minas Gerais (UFMG 4.2), São Paulo (UNIFESP 4.14) and Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ 4.11). The index is graded from 0 to 5.

UFRGS’ President Rui Vicente Oppermann highlighted that this was UFRGS’ fifth consecutive year ranking as the best Brazilian federal university in the General Index of Programs from MEC. “This achievement, obtained in a recession scenario, is due to the hard work, participation and engagement of the whole academic community,” he emphasized.

The indicators of higher education quality take into account the various Higher Education Census data as well as the specific undergraduate and graduate data in their assessments. In comparison to the previous edition’s index, UFRGS’ score was reduced from 4.35 to 4.28 in the Continuous IGC. The classification covers a set of 230 universities and federal institutes.

The assessment also presents and considers results of the 2015 National Exam of Student’s Performance (ENADE). UFRGS’ undergraduate programs were ranked with the highest scores – eight of them were granted a grade 5 (Administration, Accounting, Law, Journalism, Marketing and Advertising, Product Design, Psychology and International Affairs); two were granted a grade 4 (Economic Sciences and Visual Design).

Graduate Programs – UFRGS was greatly distinguished in its Graduate Programs. As in the last assessment, the University has the best average score for Master’s Programs in Brazil, with 4.88. And, in this edition, it obtained the highest index among federal universities for Doctorate Programs, scoring 4.94.

Methodology – The indicators for Higher Education Quality pertaining to 2015 suffered an adjustment to their calculation formula. Until the 2014 edition, the ENADE Grade (EG) and the Program Preliminary Grade (PPG) were calculated for each Unit of Observation – composed by the whole set of programs that form a specific assessment area of ENADE – of a given Institution of Higher Education in a certain municipality. From the 2015 edition on, the EG and PPG should be calculated for each undergraduate program assessed, according to the program affiliation to one of the specific assessment areas, that is, by program code. According to INEP, the change will allow for a more accurate analysis of the differences between onsite and distance programs belonging to the same higher-education institution, among other advantages.

More information can be found on the INEP (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research) website.

Translated by Fernanda Pazinatto, João Pedro Severo, Lucas Rossi de Souza, Marina Cheffe, Nathália Glasenapp, and Rebeca G. Lucena, under the supervision and revision of Professor Elizamari Becker.

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