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UFRGS welcomes students from Africa and Latin America

Students arrive at the University to pursue an undergraduate degree in different areas through PEC-G funding
UFRGS welcomes students from Africa and Latin America

Welcoming event shows UFRGS to the foreign students – Photo: Rochele Zandavalli

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In the beginning of the first semester of 2017, a group of 11 students from African and Latin-American countries were greeted at a special welcoming event for the PEC-G students. PEC-G, which is a cooperation program which exists since 1965 in various higher education institutions all over Brazil, consists of a set of activities and cooperation procedures with the objective of educating and qualifying exchange students from developing countries with which Brazil maintains bilateral agreements. The group which joins UFRGS in 2017 comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cabo Verde, Paraguay, Honduras, Benim, Guatemala, Namibia, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Differently from other kinds of international mobility programs, in which students complete only a part of their undergraduate courses, in a period which is no longer than that of a term or a year, PEC-G turns a whole undergraduate program available to foreign students, who eventually get an undergraduate degree in Brazil. Since PEC-G was implemented in Brazil, UFRGS joined the program. More recently, from 2015 onward, UFRGS has an exclusive welcoming event for this group of students, dedicated to present the University to them and to give the essential information for a smooth start.

The reception was opened by the Executive Vice President for Undergraduate Studies (PROGRAD), Vladimir Pinheiro, and by the Senior International Affairs Officer (RELINTER), Nicolas Maillard. The event was hosted at the Faculty of Education (FACED). The event had the participation of representatives from the Community Outreach Division (PROREXT), the Office of Student Assistance (PRAE), the Follow-up Coordination of the Affirmative Actions Program (CAAF) and from the undergraduate committees of the respective programs chosen by the students. This opportunity allows the new students to get to know the university’s administrative divisions and people they can contact during their stay in the University and to receive proper instruction on the procedures necessary for the start of their academic lives at UFRGS. On the event, the students were also informed about the available support programs and the participation options in community outreach programs, as well as in other UFRGS projects.

Translated by Tamiris Paturi Canizares Gaelzer, under the supervision and revision of Professor Elizamari Becker.

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