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University restores important work by Aldo Locatelli

Restored mural was displayed at the CONSUM session opening on March 17, 2017
University restores important work by Aldo Locatelli

The mural was painted in 1958 by the Italian-Brazilian artist - Picture: Rochele Zandavalli/UFRGS Image gallery

President Rui Vicente Oppermann presented the restored mural “The professions” at the beginning of the University Council session, on March 17. The painting came back to the University Council's Room, where it had been since 1958, when the Italian-Brazilian artist Aldo Locatelli created it. Locatelli used to serve as a teacher and a researcher in the UFRGS’ Institute of Arts.

Restoration work lasted approximately one month and involved a team of art restorers and carpenters coordinated by Chief restorer Naida Maria Vieira Corrêa. UFRGS TV followed and recorded the restoration, collecting material which is going to become the theme of a documentary.  The Head of the Institute of Arts, Lucia Becker Carpena, emphasized the importance of the mural’s restoration: “It is exciting to see that UFRGS not only recognizes the importance of its art archive – which is one of the largest among Brazilian federal universities – but is also mobilized to preserve it.” Oppermann remarked that the mural restoration was only possible thanks to the commitment of a multidisciplinary team and to the collaboration of a wide range of professionals who work for the UFRGS’ Office of Infrastructure, the Faculty of Medical Sciences, and the Medical Foundation of Rio Grande do Sul.

Translated by Bianca Ractz, Ediana Parnow, Rafaela S. Silva, Vinícius Ritter and Yuli Carvalho, under the supervision and revision of Professor Elizamari Becker.

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