In his work "Scenes of Wild Life", Argentinean photographer Alberto Patrian
focuses on some rare moments of the life of wild animals which inhabit the
cold maritime coasts of the South Atlantic in Valdés Peninsula, an important
ecological redoubt in Argentinean Patagonia. In these last years, Patrian
devoted himself to getting images that document the behavior of the main
representatives of the rich maritime fauna of this ecological reserve.
Special moments were documented in these works, such as Orcas attacking a
band of Marine Wolves; dives and jumps of Frank Austral Whales; significant
moments of Marine Wolves and Marine Elephants, besides scenes of the
everyday life of a colony of Magalhães Penguins, on the beach of Punta
Tombo, Valdés, where about 500.000 penguins live. Moreover, for one month, Alberto Patrian worked with Brazilian photographer Sebastião
Salgado, photographically documenting the Orcas in the wild maritime
environment of Valdés Peninsula, in Southern Argentina. Patrian will be in
Brazil in September 2006, to give a workshop on Photography of Nature, in
the highlands of Rio Grande do Sul, under invitation of the Photography
Center of UFRGS. Mário Bitt-Monteiro
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