With a fine cut-of-scene, the reach of impressive shades and the high pictorial quality, are some of the adjectives that personalize the images of authorship of the Argentine photographer Alberto Patrian, who presents in them in this collection, called of " Argentina of the North to the South". Patrian have an extensive quantity with beautifull images of the South Cone of the South America, mainly of your beautiful native land, that is Argentina. In reason of this, with our invitation, Alberto Patrian clipped some photographic images its, to compose this collection. They are photographs that go since the beautiful view of the Mountains of Andes, aspects of maritime and terrestrial wild fauna, some scenes of day-by-day of the Guaranís indians to the North of Argentina together with images of the Waterfalls of Iguazu in the border with the south of the Brazil, folloied for the landscapes and wild fauna of the Patagônia in the Province of Chubut, going until the south extremity, with some approaches in the huge and magical landscapes of the national parks where they are extensive glaciers, situated in the Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. Mario Bitt-Monteiro (2009)

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Argentina of the North to the South - images of Alberto Patrian
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