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The Brazilian photographer and architect Cesar Vieira in them presents images that denote fort authorial personality, placing the spectator ahead of images endowed with singular shades and colors lightly saturated, drawn for the contrasts between the lights and the shades, disclosing with this the elements that characterize the subjects focused with bigger definition. With the photographic assay "Perception of the Spaces" , Cesar Vieira places in them in some of these rare ambient atmospheres, where he is evidenced space geometric value of the focused constructions, fit through one differentiated composional sense, in which the item balance is the main tonic of this work. Cesar Vieira is professor of discipline of photography in the College of Architecture of the UFRGS, is also professor invited in the courses of extension in Photography of Architecture and Photography in Studio, promoted for this Center. Mario Bitt-Monteiro (2009)

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Perception of the Spaces
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