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With the essay "Perceptions of Light and Color", the Brazilian photographer Edelweiss Bassis in them presents photographic, inherent clippings and details to the agricultural zone where if they locate, in the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul, the colonies of the descendants of the Italian immigrants. Edelweiss portraits, with rare sensitivity, the lights and colors of in such a way external environments how much internal, where they live, they work hard, in a all proper world, personalized, these descendants of Italian immigrants. The fort of these images shown here is in fine the cut-of-scene, the excellence of the balance between the light and the shade, together with colors that possess a good dose of saturation, consisting these, as a signature, an authorial mark of Edelweiss Bassis in Yours beautiful photographs. It is a photographer with high degree of contemplation perception, adjusted to a refined aesthetic sense, only carrying through its works after to be fully customary with the atmosphere, the lights, the colors and the people of the environments that it is for photographing. Speaking of yours works in Photograph, Edelweiss in explains them:

"My objective is to extract the beauty of the daily one, of the trivial one. I look the beauty in the ugly one, the dirt, the defects. It is this that it inspires to me. To see the beauty where nobody sees. The colors fascinate me. The contrast. The opposites. I look for to give the dramatically tone of the Black-and-White in my saturated and contrast photos. It is for there... "

The essay "Perceptions of Light and Color", consists in a parcel of an extensive photographic documentation that Edelweiss Bassis carried through in the interior of the gauchos counties of Garibaldi, Antonio Prado, Bento Gonçalves and Caxias do Sul, among others, focusing environments, the agricultural people, activities, the colonial products, the lights and the colors that personalize the agricultural places where these descendants of Italian immigration in the south extremity of Brazil live. Mario Bitt-Monteiro

  Perceptions of Light and Color- images of Edelweiss Bassis

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