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We have here in the State of the Rio Grande do Sul, in the south extremity of Brazil, a region that in very characterizes them beyond mere inhabitants, it in personalizes them as Gaucho. This region to the south of our State, called of Pampa, is corporate for vast plains with fields that they are extended beyond the line of the horizon, where the Gaucho lives, in its farmer activities, with its daily work in the ranches and cabañas spread by this region. This photograph collection under the heading of "the called Infinite - Pampa”, are an authentic homage of the photographer Edelweiss Bassis, to the Gauchos, its families, its work, its customs, its smiles, its clothes, its non-separable horses, the surrounding where it works and if he amuses, as also, to this small portion of our planet, but great in the heart of the telluric Gaucho, that it has the Pampa name.

Edelweiss Bassis in this its photographic assay, presents images with dense shades, colors and sharp shades that register vastness of Pampa and the figure of the Gaucho coexisting in perfect harmony. They are composed photographs for a spotless cut-of-scene, exploring the strong physiognomy of the Gaucho in counterpoint to the immensities of Pampa with your dense colors. At last, they are images that in make them to perceive as the Man can be in perfect tunning with the spaces of its Land. Mario Bitt-Monteiro(2008)


The called Infinite - Pampa

Images of Edelweiss Bassis

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