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Hailing from the south of Brazil, Eneida Serrano introduces us to a collection of her photographs which portray some of the different moments, places and sentiments of the most varied types of people, objects, subjects and focused settings which she has experienced throughout her career. Whether in color or black and white, the thing which stands out most in Eneida’s photos is her amazing compositional sense with the balance she achieves pictorially and in the subjective geometric forms that she perceives, frames and records. She manages, so often, to place the main subject tackled, not as simply the dominant part of the image, but rather as an important element of the totality. This is all to say that Eneida’s photography embodies a wealth of reading matter in all the elements which embody it, without preference only for the main focus, but rather for the whole photographic image which is cut out and put together with sensitive balance. It almost seems as if she has already intuitively produced the scene through a twinkling of the eye, at that moment when she has perceived or become interested in something, in this situation, that environment or such subject matter, so that the immediate next step is the capturing by photo of this something that was already previously put together visually. Her photos come with two or three levels, plastically speaking, almost always adjusted and enriched by one or more subjectively geometric elements, made up of imaginary diagonal lines, perpendicular and/or oblique curves, adapted to the subjects tackled and created, running into a certain notion of ample spaciousness and a slight look of three-dimensionality to the image photographed.

Eneida Serrano works mainly with publicity, editorial, institutional and educational photography besides developing the so-called Author Photographs with different photography projects being rendered effective. On the 27th of November, 2006 in the city of São Paulo, she will be taking part as a finalist in the exhibition for the Porto Seguro Photography Prize. Five days before that, on the 22nd, she opens another exhibition, with three photos at the 15th São Paulo Art Museum’s collection (Coleção MASP/Pirelli). At both exhibitions, she will be presenting "INTERIORS", images from part of her most recent photography project. Mario Bitt-Monteiro

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