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Photographic images with expressive scenes of human feeling, religious acts, faith, manual work in agricultural colonies, close-ups, architectures in wood, dense colors larded with images in Black-and-white are what in them it presents the photographer, journalist and master degree in Social Anthropology for the UFRGS Fernanda Rechenberg, with your called collection of photographs of " The Instant of the Scene". These photographs demonstrate to the high degree of perception and conception that Fernanda reached in the act to get these images, therefore it, either in any situation or environment, obtain to photograph, invariably, that necessary moment of that brief instant where the scene if showed in all its documentary plastic fullness and. Fernanda photographs of a instinctive form and insurance, giving a personal touch in each one of the attainments that carry through, reaching with this beautiful photographs endowed with an excellent composicional balance. Currently Fernanda Rechenberg, beyond being photograph teacher of the University of Caxias do Sul – UCS (Brazil), acts in the Photography Center of UFRGS, as invited teacher of the Courses of Extension in Documentary Photography.. Mario Bitt-Monteiro(2009)

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