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The Brazilian photographer Luiz Carlos Felizardo in them presents a group of photographic images, that are a parcel of its rich colection. Are photographs
gotten in the language of the black-and-white, made here in Brazil, in the Rio Grande do Sul, and others countries, as France, United States,
Argentina and Chile, among others. The work of Felizardo is distinguished, mainly, for one performed with care cut-of-scene and the wealth of the half tones that
it prioritizes in its images. The fine gradation that it reaches in the tones gray, choosing the smoothness in detriment to the contrast, concomitantly to the
choice of scenes that have the texture, causal scenes or landscapes as the main one, establishes its authorial mark, its signature. They consist of photographs that focus
some moments, some situations, places and people, who had been perceived, composed and registered by Luiz Carlos Felizardo, in its trips and experiences as photographer artist. Mario Bitt-Monteiro
  Images of Luiz Carlos Felizardo

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