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The Brazilian photographer Germano Preichardt is what we could call: photojournalist of the nature. Its line of action is mainly the photograph of nature in set with the photograph of radical sports. These photograph modalities, worked in set, require two states of attention on the part of the photographer, apparently antagonistic, that are the contemplation and the rapidity of the shoot. To unite these two states is not easy, but for the Full brother this if becomes something normal, current. Being a nature photographer par excellence, besides practicing some sports, said radical, it always it is integrating or producing a photograph expedition, having as approach or a match of some types of radical sports.
At last, the great gamma of activities, that serves for it, together with its non-separable camera, to be frequent in contact with the epidermis skillful environments of ecological excellence. In the beginning of 2006 it produced a photographic expedition to the Brazilian Center-West region, to the diverse integrant sanctuaries of the nature of the geographic complex of the interior of the States of the Mato Grosso of Sul and Goiás. Regions these are where Brazil becomes nature and the nature become Brazil. Germano, together with other colleagues photographers, had programmed and developed a script of ecological tourism, for beautiful places, endowed with exuberant nature, as: Jardins, Bonito, Alto Paraíso and the National Park of the Chapada of the Veadeiros, among others.

The photographs presents in this assay "Of course, Brazil!", a parcel of that it got, in this expedition, that it carried through for the those beautiful Brazilian ecological lands. Germano Preichardt is engineer graduated by the UFRGS, Photographer, president-founder of " Parallel 30", club of photographers and professor invited to the courses of extension in digital photograph, carried through for the Photography Center of the UFRGS, Brazil. Mario Bitt-Monteiro

  Of course, Brazil! - images of Germano Preichardt

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