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  In the search of new borders to enrich his universes of knowledge, as a biologist, as well as a photographer, Glauco Caon joint scientific expeditions to the archipelagos of São Pedro & São Paulo and Fernando de Noronha, in the oceanic limits of the Brazil. The photographic images that he presents here take us to some wild life daily details in these small oceanic shelters, which are these archipelagos, as well as register the presence of the men, with their boats, their fishing and their installations hosted in these places. These photographs, which constitute the photographic essay "Oceanic Shelters", present us scenes of wild life´s intense boiling instants, which come togheter with the plasticity of terrestrial landscapes´ volcanic forms of the archipelagoes, with the Atlantic Ocean as background.

Since 1995 Glauco carries through researches related to biology and aquatic mammals conservation. The photograph has always been an important tool in the register and documentation of his work. Graduated in 1998 on Biological Sciences, currently he is finishing his Phd in the Department of Physiology of the Federal University of the Rio Grande do Sul(UFRGS), Brazil.His studies involve four species: the whales frank of the south (Eubalaena australis) and jubarte (Megaptera novaeangliae), the franciscana (Pontoporia blainvillei) and the boto-cinza (Sotalia fluviatilis). He also participates of projects in other regions of Brazil. Since 2000 he is part of Brazilian Antartic Program(PROANTAR/SECIRM), participating of the Project Whales coordinated by Prof. Dr. Eduardo R. Secchi (MORG). Recently he was invited by the Photography Center of UFRGS, to be professor of the extension course: Photography of Nature and Biology, that will be offered in the year of 2008. Mario Bitt-Monteiro

  Oceanic Shelters - images of Glauco Caon






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