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The Brazilian photographer Isabela Lyrio, whom she displays here, as our guest, three photographic essays, inhabits in Brasilia and is graduated Social Communication - Advertising for the University of Brasilia (UnB). Express it if by means of an eclectic photograph, much varied and instigate. Times it works diverse densities of mix colors photographically, mixed luminously as if it was a painting on forms rounded off human beings, standing out, as the base or the screen of this painting, the epithelial and surface of the skin textures. In these photographs it uses without no distrust, extreme doses of colors extreme-saturated in the paintings of this forms. They are images that really they move with people. In others situations, Isabela for a moment opts or a happened situation or an instantaneous, fast feeling, already lived deeply to create, to elaborate yours photographic essays. Leaving of a deduction, or one "i want" occasional and momentary, it they set to get it or to search its images photographic as if they were elements or particles that later are used to materialize, to construct its ideas around one all “theatre scene” one of a small history for it subjectively created. Decidedly Isabela Lyrio, develops a truly authorial, artistic photograph and exempts that in it is transparent them or it leaves to be transparent as is the wealth of your imaginary one. Mario Bitt-Monteiro






essay 1    
Anatomy of the Color
essay 2    
What of who it had that to go
essay 3    
Alive Images
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