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Luiz Carlos Felizardo, well-known Brazilian photographer, presents here part of his project focusing the ruins of the Jesuitic Mission of São Miguel, located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil, called The Dream and the Ruin. The project was supported by a grant from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. This work, carried through in photography language black-and-white and use of the a view câmera, is a true artistic work, a visual document that portraies, with high photographic quality, that of what it remained of the Jesuitic Missions. They are images with high composicional balance, adjusted to a odd quality tonal, that show to the surrounding architectural with all your great appearance, exactly that they are in ruins now. The subject that we show here of the Jesuitic Missions, is of the Reduction of Saint Miguel of the Catholic Missions. In this photographic essay, Luiz Carlos Felizardo show for us some close ups, details and partial sights of the church of the Reduction of Saint Miguel of the Catholic Missions, situated in the northwest of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Mario Bitt-Monteiro(2008)


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