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Myra Gonçalves is an example originating from GEF - Group Experimental of Picture - done at the Photography Center of FABICO/UFRGS. Myra in just six months in these workshops stood out through her images, which granted her the invitation to take part of the team of the Photography Center, where she is now a trainee of the research group in experimental photography (photochemistry/fine arts). Myra is a visual arts artist, and now is to master graduated in fine-arts at the Arts Institute - IA/UFRGS, but she is a professional photographer for more than eleven years, being recognized as an "expert" in theater and dance photography.


Essay Hand-Made

You clip, bushings of cotton, photographic solutions of developers and fixing for photographic materials in black color-and-white, papers in colors still not used, beyond banns bleaching of color photograph processes, they had been some of the elements or that Myra Gonçalves is currently using in its experimentations in photographic atelier. The photographic essay Hand-Made, Myra in them presents a model of experimental method for the development of authorial works in photograph, where really the photographer intervenes, he transforms, he reconstructs and he defines the image, where the resultant is definitively its signature. Carried through without the use of a camera, the images of the pictures that compose the essay Hand-Made, had been made from personages of teaters parts, previously photographed for Myra Gonçalves. according to author, these eight images are as a skeleton or the initial base of a figure in phase of initial of a hypothetical final form, that it, through its interferences and manipulations on photographic papers, looks for in them to transmit a little of atmospheres, chromatic densities and expressions lived deeply or for it caught and sensible, in relation to some personages whom it photographed.

hand - made -- experiments with chemicals solutions in lab b&w and color






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