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Canadian photographer Nathalie Daoust presents in her new work, named "Entre Quatre Murs" ("Between Four Walls"), images of something we could call "states of mind", in the sense that they are brief portraits of intimate moments of women of various ages. They are scenes of characters who seem to be alone with their memories, toying around, at times happy and at times sad, thoughtful, their faces showing their wishes or an aspiration. In these images, people's thoughts and ways of being have been somehow materialized, making themselves present together with these characters, with their forms and movements. They are portraits of the models' intimacy, showing some moments lived spontaneously in a space surrounded by four walls, in a house.
Nathalie has elaborated her pictures in black & white, being that each of them is formed by three or more layers, processed on a graphic film. These layers have been superimposed and slightly separated, to give the viewer the sensation of motion when they move while looking at the photographs. One should also visualize a certain three-dimensional approach to the subjects. Mario Bitt-Monteiro

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