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The Book of Artist PRATA (Silver), is a notebook of photographic images, that, in the month of July of 2008, was acquired to be part of the Photography Collection of Joaquin Paiva (Brazil). With a printed of 20 (twenty) exemplary ones, this Book is about a true masterpiece, given the quality of the images, its artistic direction and its fine publishing finishing, elaborated of artisan form. PRATA (Silver) comes It to the with the signatures of Rochele Zandavalli (Photographs) and Ana Luisa Basso (hand finishing). Recently Rochele Zandavalli was invited by Photography Center of UFRGS to participate as professor of the Course of Extension of Artistic Processes in Photography. MBM(2008)



Rochele Zandavalli congregates in the Book of Artist PRATA, a series of parcels of some photographic works your, in form of a mixture of subjects with a good dose of cinematographic language, that had been created and carried through in recent years. In this book it all leaves concrete the potential of its imagination and creativity, with images that go since the Noir, passing for Pulp Fiction, but firming themselves in the Pop Art where she shows images in external taking and studio, in which, at some moment, the models are changedded into actors under a possible unexpected script, accidental. Your photographs have one high potential of authorial freedom, not following faithful a rule or style, are something proper, personal, not definitive and, yes, in constant evolution. They are possessing images of diverse emotional moments, that go since the glad one to the burlesque one, of the occasional gesture to the assayed one, studying, reaching even in some scenes a certain teatral atmosphere. PRATA is an authentic notebook of images, an album of images of memories, where the biggest protagonists are the plastic sense and the imaginary creativity of this photographer-author. Mario Bitt-Monteiro (2008)

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