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Images personalized for dense shades, adjusted the high doses of a realistic impressionism, it is what in it presents them the photographer Sandra Gonçalves, in this your beautiful called photographic assay of "Urban Coal-Workers". Its photographs in send them, almost that immediately, to the atmosphere of photographed environments, resultant of the high degree of sensitivity and space perception that Sandra reached and present in this its photographic work. They are images that remember clipping-of-scene of a theater part, full of dramatist, expressions of physiognomies, textures, heat, movement and color. They consist of compositions of images that focus dense shades, colors, people and objects, eventual inhabitants of spaces and unhealthy hidings place under a tenuous illumination, where carry out with varied ambient shades, that serve as a cloth-of-deep one for its photographs. These perceived, composed scenes and registered for Sandra Gonçalves portray and register aspects of daily of a group of men and the diligent women of four coal bunkers spread for the urban center of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The photographer, biologist and designer Sandra Gonçalves are PhD in Communication and Culture for the UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), and, currently, she is photography teacher of the courses of graduation in Communication and Librarianship of the College of Librarianship and Communication (FABICO) of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul(UFRGS), Brazil. Recently it was invited by the Photography Center of UFRGS, to develop and to give courses of extension in Photojournalism already from middle of this first semester of this year. Mario Bitt-Monteiro(2008)

Urban Coal-Workers - photographs of Sandra Gonçalves

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