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The Theory of the Surrounding Universes
Mario Bitt-Monteiro
Photography Consultant, FABICO/UFRGS,
Coordinator of Photography Center of UFRGS

copyright 2001
Mario BItt-Monteiro

The Theory of the Surrounding Universes is based on a methodological proposal in experimental level, with the intention of supplying subsidies to reach new knowledge levels in photography, in its theoretical and artistic strongholds as well as in its technical applications, based on conjectures and reflections on space theories, its actors, atmospheres and composition elements. Besides, it tries to define a normative experimental method also in an observation conjugated to the photographic registration, adapting, theoretically, to the universe's or space's strata that surround us during our daily movements, concomitant to the perceptions and impressions that, by them, we are influenced.

This theory is based on the following hypothesis:

"The individual, being him a simple passenger or inhabitant, when adopting an elementary spectator's posture of a more attentive observer of the world that surrounds him, being still or moving, always will be inserted in an atmosphere whose forms, under his point of view, will be linked to a space composed of three-dimensional elements, in which lie reference elements of a described momentary visual reality, also denominated physical reality. And it is exactly that space that we denominate The Surrounding Universe"

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