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BIOS - Images of the Southern Biosphere of Brazil
Stage 2 >> BIOS/sub-project: Macrophotographs of Insects and Arthropodes

Phase 2 - experimentations in macro 1:1 to 4:1

Project BIOS, entered in phase 2, that it is the experimentation in conditions of photographic studio, of macrophotographs with levels of 1:1 approach 4:1, having as the modêlos ones or photographic subjects, small animals as: crustaceans, butterflies, coleopters and etc. They are being used 3 (three) techniques of attainments in macro level, that are:

1 - use of changeable bellows, with normal objective;

2 - use of extension tubes, with objective types macro: 60 mm and 105 mm, of the Nikon, the Micro-Nikkor line;

3 - use of system of inverted lens to a teleobjetiva. In this in case that ~210mm is being used Zoom-Nikkor 70, with an great-angular one, 24 mm, of the Nikon, of the Nikkor line, adapted to tele in inverted way. The camera Nikon FM 2, was the chosen one for the accomplishment of these macrophotographs.

The illumination, of these first images, was carried through by means of a source of light of flash with haze (ATEK-200 Watts), and the measurement for one flashimeter of the Gossen mark, type Microsix L. The used films had been the E100GX, E100VS and the Gold 100, all of the Kodak Company.

Place and involved Staff

The photographic attainments are being carried through in the studio of the Photography Center of the Media anf Librarianship of the Federal University of the Rio Grande Do Sul, where, under the orientation of Mario Bitt-Monteiro, the scholarship holder-photographers Claudia Silveira Rodrigues and Karine Endres, they carry through authorial assays in macrophotograph of scientific subjects in environment of controlled light of studio. The subjects photographed (insects and crustaceans) in these first assays, are part of scientific collections gentily yielded by two researchers: Dra. Maria Helena Galileo, of the Museum of Natural Sciences of the Zoobotanical Foundation of the RS and the Dra. Georgina Bond Buckup, of the Program of Master Degree in Animal Biology of the Dep. of Zoology, Institute of Biociências of the Federal University of the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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