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Eyes of the Microcosm

This called essay of Eyes of the Microcosms, was carried through by Cláudia Silveira Rodrigues, under the orientation of the professor Mario Bitt-Monteiro, having for objective to exercise macro photographs with magnitudes between 5:1 and 8:1 in the development of the program of the Bios Project. The employed method was of the system of objective inversion, using a camera Nikon FM2 and adjusting an objective 24mm on another one of 105mm or 60mm. This method was described for Alfred A. Blaker, in the book: Field Photography, Beginning and Advanced Techniques(1976) and is characterized for being an efficient way to reach forts photomacrographies (above of 4:1) with conventional photographic equipment. The photographed material is of the scientific collection of the Dra. Maria Helena Galileo, researcher of the Museum of Natural Sciences of the Zoobotanical Foundation of the RS, Brazil. The work, presented here, was carried through in environment of studio in the Photography Center of UFRGS, being that the used film was E100 GX of the Kodak, under the measurement of light through a photometer Gossen Microsix L, originated for a flash Atek 200, with haze.

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