The lightness and the closeness mixed to a strong dose of non-sense revealed in the instigating photographic work Hotel Story, by Nathalie Daoust, take us to scenes or instants occurred in some theatre environment. But not to stage scenes. They take us to one of those relaxing moments between the acts, at the backstage. The photographs of Nathalie manifest more the aspect of feeling, than that of being. Or either, in some images it portraits the state of spirit, the model`s mood, instead of what it is or represents; in other images she only gives us a glimpse at a quiet atmosphere of an empty room, emphasizing its sentimental aspects. Indeed, her photographs resemble pictures of the soul, as though they were images of a temporary thought, or of a desire, or sadness, a joy, at last, the plasticity of a close, sentimental moment.

The canadian Nathalie Daoust uses experimental photograph techniques to develop her works: photography in 3D, Lenticular Process and various other types of manipulations, carried through by herself, in photographic laboratory.

Besides presenting her work, Nathalie Daoust was also invited by the Photography Center of UFRGS to give a workshop in Brazil, on the techniques she uses. The photographic exhibition and workshop will occur in the year that comes (2006)
. Mario Bitt-Monteiro months of May and June.

Hotel Story
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