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  Portuguese photographer Olga Gouveia presents to us, under invitation of the
Photography Center of UFRGS, a piece of her qualified work. Her
photographical look is translated by plastically dense images, full of
drama, adequate to an accurate, fine, perfect compositional cut. They are
photographs that take us, subjectively, to that environment or to that scene
with a human expression, or even to a contemplation stage with a greater
attention, incited by that color or that tint, under that light or that
shade... They are photographs that lead us emotionally to the place of the
scene, to the very moment in which the image was gotten. Without a doubt,
Olga Gouveia's compositional sense is translated by photographs in which the
environmental atmosphere is the most relevant element, on the whole and also
in the expressions, human postures, in the shades and tints, and in the
sentimental. The photographical images shown here were taken by Olga Gouveia
in Portugal, Cuba, Brazil and Tunisia. Mário Bitt-Monteiro
  Images of Olga Gouveia

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