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Southbound Punta Quiroga Patagônia
Pousada Austral
Outdoor photography course in the Valdés Peninsula - February of 2004
This expedition was carried through by the Photography Center of UFRGS in the period of 23 to 29 of February of 2004, to the south of Argentina, in the region of the Patagônia, for the development of a course of extension in photography, focusing the wild fauna , flora, landscapes aspects and antropics manifestations in ecosystems of the Valdés Peninsula. In this expedition they had been spread out and developed specific environmental photography techniques in the reach of the authorial photographic story of the integrant ones of this course-expedition. We are presenting here, a parcel of the wonderful images gotten for the members of an expedition, whom during 6 (six) days they had lived deeply, they had photographically assayed and they registered the flora, fauna and general aspects of landscapes that they had visited. They are images that in send them, with the look and the feeling of each one, to one of most beautiful, the primitive and magical lands of the world, situated in the Valdés Peninsula, region of the Patagônia Argentina.

Ana Carolina da Costa e Fonseca, Carlos Gandara, Clara Isméria Bica, Daniela Bonamigo, Débora Poli, Elda Marenice Franco, Elisabete Rocha, Felipe Lamego, Flora Maria da Costa, Germano Preichardt, Gustavo Gonçalves, Leandro Taques, Marta Morales Bystronski, Odemar Ricardo Fonseca, Priscila Forone, Rosa Maria Casaccia, Vilmar Molon;

Mario Bitt-Monteiro, professor and general coordinator of the expedition;

Flávio Dutra, professor and coordinator of field;

Nede Losina, professor;

Lúcia Simon, production.

Gustavo Gonçalves
Vilmar Molon
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Portfolios of the Participants
Odemar Ricardo
Germano Preichardt
Gustavo Gonçalves
Mario Bitt-Monteiro
Vilmar Molon
Bete Rocha
Carlos Gandara
Clara Bica
Edson Mohr
Elda Franco
Felipe Lamego
Marta Morales Bys
Rosa Maria Casaccia
Nede Losina

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