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About us

The Study Group on University – SGU – was created in 1988 with the aim of developing studies on the higher education systems and their transformations and policies in Brazil, in comparison with other countries; as well as innovations and research; and science and technology in the perspective of the research groups and policies.

The SGU has its origin in the research project “Rediscussing the question of articulation between undergraduate and graduate courses” developed in UFRGS. The Offices of Research and Graduate Courses, as well as that of Graduate Courses, concerned with the existing separation between the post-graduation and the graduation, decided to organize a study on this subject. Professors Maria Estela Dal Pai Franco,Maria das Graças Feldens, Marília C.Morosini e Denise B. C. Leite of the Graduate Program in Education, were invited to develop a research in order to identify the types of interaction between the courses, the existing mediations between teaching and administrative activities and present subsidizes for the implementation of new institutional actions. During the development of the research, professors Clarissa E. Baeta Neves and Arabela C. Oliven of the Graduate Program in Sociology also joined the group.

Since 1995, the SGU formed a network of study and research groups, integrated by the SGU (GP. Sociology) and SGU/Edu/Ipesq (Inovation and Research), both at UFRGS. Afterwards, two other groups were created, belonging to institutions of higher education located in the countryside of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, SGU/UPF (Passo Fundo) and SGU/UFPel (Pelotas).
The SGU has as its main goals to contribute to the production of new knowhow on higher education and to help in the formation of new researchers. The team is composed of scientific initiation scholarship holders, and masters and ph. D students.

Since its beginning, the researches developed by the SGU, have had the institutional support of PROPESQ/UFRGS and development agencies such as CNPq, FAPERGS, CAPES, FULBRIGHT.
The SGU also develops research in partnership with national and international researchers and its members participate actively in national and international associations and events.

Tradução de Virgínia Francesca Alves de Freitas



Higher Education in the Southern Region of Brazil.
Arabela Campos Oliven
University Systems: a comparative view on different countries.
Arabela Campos Oliven
University Schooling, Professional Careers and Advocating for “Racial Issues” in Rio Grande do Sul.
Fernanda Rios Petrarca
A comparative point of view on access and equality in Higher Education in Brazil.
Clarissa Eckert Baeta Neves
Expansion of Higher Education and Democratization of Access
Clarissa Eckert Baeta Neves
The transformations of higher education systems in Brazil and Europe and the perspectives of international academic cooperation.
Clarissa Eckert Baeta Neves
The Diversification of Higher Education in RS: A new scenery?
Clarissa Eckert Baeta Neves



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