HYGIENE (see also Italian laws)

Table of contents :

  • environmental hygiene
  • asepsis
  • antisepsis
  • local personal hygiene

  • Environmental hygiene disinfection : the act of free from pathogenic organisms, or to render them inert, especially as applied to the treatment of inanimate materials to reduce or eliminate infectious organisms disinfestation : the extermination or destruction of insects, rodents, or other animal forms, especially those present on a person, an animal, or clothing
    sterilization : 1. the complete destruction or elimination of all living microorganisms, accomplished by physical methods (dry or moist heat), chemical agents (ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, alcohol), radiation (ultraviolet, cathode), or mechanical methods (filtration).  2. any procedure by which an individual is made incapable of reproduction, as by castration, vasectomy, or salpingectomy. asepsis / sterility : freedom from infection or prevention of contact with microorganisms Antisepsis : the prevention of sepsis by antiseptic means. Any procedure that reduces to a significant degree the microbial flora of skin or mucous membranes. It is a topic -static or -cidal effect, harmless enough to be applied to the skin and mucous membrane; antiseptical should not be taken internally (i.e. systemically). Disinfectants and antiseptics are distinguished on the basis of whether they are safe for application to mucous membranes : often, safety depends on the concentration of the compound (e.g., sodium hypochlorite (chlorine), as added to water is safe for drinking, but "chlorox"  an excellent disinfectant, is hardly safe to drink). Antiseptical don't affect spores. Local personal hygiene :
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